SDSL vs T1 (was Locations with no good Internet)

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> > You missed an option.  Just change to another ISP.  I know of at
> least
> > one AS701 address block still attached to a company that hasn't been
> > their customer for ten years or so.
> How is that possible?  AFAIK no local politician has passed an IP
> address portability law yet.  If my circuit from VZB were
> wouldn't they release the address block for reuse by other customers
> just like any other ISP?

The government doesn't own IP addresses so there is no need to pass any
such laws.

I suppose it is completely legal to sever a transit agreement for
traffic with a provider but maintain a business relationship where you
pay them a fee for the use of the IP address space.

There have been several instances in my career where I have used
prefixes issued by a carrier that I never announced to them.  I was
using their IP space but the traffic to those addresses never went
through their network.  In some cases I have maintained a relationship
with them such as having a thin pipe where I might pay some small
monthly fee in order to retain the IP address space but simply paying
someone to allow you to keep IP addresses isn't beyond the realm of

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