IP4 Space

Thomas Magill tmagill at providecommerce.com
Fri Mar 5 12:06:53 CST 2010

>According to ARIN, _IF_ you meet their requirements for obtaining an
>block, then, you ALSO automatically meet their requirements for
>an IPv6 block.

Thank you for the clarification.  I am obviously in the very early stage
of planning IPv6 for our company with hopes of at least having peers up
this summer after our peak holiday season (mothers day).  I would prefer
to get an ARIN block so that we feel less locked down to a provider by
using their space.  

>However, there is a specific block being used to issue ARIN end-user
>assignments, and, many ISPs filter that more liberally (/48) than they
>filter blocks used for allocation (/32).  As such, your customers who
>multihomed _MAY_ have a better chance of having their prefix seen if
>they use an ARIN direct assignment.

So what seems to be the standard for the longest advertised prefix for
v6 (compared to /24 for v4)?  If I get a /48 from ARIN how many
non-aggregated prefixes should I expect to have?  This sounds like you
are saying /48 is as specific at it would get.

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