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Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Fri Mar 5 11:15:27 CST 2010

Once upon a time, Jeff McAdams <jeffm at iglou.com> said:
> Both my previous and current employer, in switching from IPv4 to IPv6 
> will drop from 7 and 4 advertisements (fully aggregated) to 1.  I don't 
> anticipate either ever having needs larger than the single initial 
> allocation they have or would get.  Both are multi-homed.

That brings a question to mind.  As an ISP, with IPv4, end sites that
are multihoming can justify a /24 from us (or another upstream) and
announce it through multiple providers.  With IPv6, are they supposed to
get their block from ARIN directly if they are multihoming?  In other
words, should I _never_ allow customers to announce smaller blocks of my
IPv6 ARIN block?

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