IP4 Space

Thomas Magill tmagill at providecommerce.com
Thu Mar 4 20:41:17 CST 2010

>The most we could achieve would be to extend IPv4 freepool lifespan
>by roughly 26 days. Given the amount of effort sqeezing useful
>addresses out of such a conversion would require, I proffer that
>such effort is better spent moving towards IPv6 dual stack on your

A /8 sounded like a decent amount until you put it that way.  Nice
empirical data, even though its based completely on assumptions.  But if
it is even in the ballpark.. It is pretty obvious it isn't worth the
effort.  I just didn't have even have a guess at the number /30s out

I've been on board with rolling out IP6 but the SPs I've talked to are
all '...about to start trying to possibly think about extending a beta
to a small portion of some customers' or something along those lines.
This led me to believe that SPs are way behind on this considering the
expected exhaustion of IP4 space.

Also, and not sure how to phrase this, but is there any
behind-the-scenes push to start moving closed systems that run over the
Internet to IP6 with the goal of freeing up any of the IP4 space for
more public-facing systems and end-users?  Is the thought of anyone
giving up IP4 space after they have moved to IP6 just a silly notion?  I
could see a future where infrastructure services like voice run on IP6
while common 'web services' stay on IP4.

Once again, sorry if I'm bringing up anything that has been beaten to
death.  I just come from the corporate side of this and the SP side is
just a point of interest for me so I like to hear that point of view.

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