SV: Advice regarding Cisco/Juniper/HP

Daniel Dib daniel.dib at
Wed Jun 30 23:30:42 CDT 2010

> in closing,  i have to say I love HP's "alias" command,   I can rev my  
> config and save it to a tftp server by typing "saveit" while enabled.  
> Some IOS's allow you to do a "wr net" and get it there with a predefined 
> tftp server,  but as we discovered,  this isn't available on all devices..

> take care and have a great weekend,
> greg

You can use alias for Cisco as well but default is to ask for TFTP IP etc
but you can change this with file prompt quiet. Then you can do copy run
tftp:// and make an alias for that. Or you could write it
in EEM like I did, you can trigger to save when someone changed the config
or at a certain time etc. You could also use the archive command to upload


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