Advice regarding Cisco/Juniper/HP

George Bonser gbonser at
Wed Jun 30 22:32:43 UTC 2010

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> or become familiar with some basic commands,  which is after all,  our
> job...  on hp:  show port vlan e1,   which will show you all the vlans
> port E1 is a member of..

True if you happen to be logged on to the device.  What I had in mind
was reading config files which is an exercise I happen to have been
doing recently.  I can look at the config file for a Cisco unit and
determine easily which ports are in which vlans by looking at the port
config.  Some other vendors I must parse the vlan config for port

So yeah, on a Brocade unit one can do sho vlan <interface> if you are
logged on to it and other vendors have their way.  It isn't that big of
an issue but if I could have a perfect world, I would rather specify
vlans per interface than interfaces per vlan.


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