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Wed Jun 30 07:34:42 UTC 2010

> > That's strange, I abhor the Cisco way of doing VLANs and love the
> > HP/Procurve method.
> >
> > What do you find so irritating?
> It just feels ass backwards alot of the time, especially trunking.
> That's more likely an "RTFM" problem, but the Cisco VLAN config has
> always just seemed more logical.

The Cisco default of allowing all VLANs on a trunk is dangerous in a
service provider environment (not to mention VTP, DTP and other evils).

The Cisco "interface-centric" method (adding VLANs to an interface
instead of adding interfaces to a VLAN) is prone to typos which can
have severe results (typing "switchport trunk allowed vlan 5" instead
of ""switchport trunk allowed vlan add 5").

I'd definitely say "more logical" is in the eye of the beholder...

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug at

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