BGP Tool for Simulation

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You could use load sbgp/mrtd script to load route dumps. There is also bgpsimple
This also brings up another question, anyone know of v6 rib tool on unix to load v6 route dumps.


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Roll quagga / BGPd on *nix and bring up sessions with whatever you like.

For full tables, you can either hack up a few lines of perl to output a bunch of 'network a.b.c.d' lines from any of the available text looking glasses into the bgpd conf, or just bring up ebgp-multihop session with one of your borders or one of your friends. Prefix lists, communities, etc are all supported.

-Jack Carrozzo

On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 9:32 PM, GIULIANOCM (UOL) <giulianocm at>wrote:

> People,
> I am looking for a tool (free or not) to simulate BGP full internet
> route table peering and injection using real CISCO and JUNIPER routers.
> We have found some power tools like Spirent or Agilent but they are a
> too expensive to acquire for now.
> The main idea is to have a software tool for unix or linux system,
> that supports to simulate a cloud a carrier or an ISP, to work with
> real routers, establishing connection using BGP protocol and injecting
> on this real routers the full internet routing table - ipv4 or ipv6.
> Do you know some collection of tools (software tools) that we can use
> to do this kind of work ?
> It is possible to collect full internet routing table and inject it to
> a real router using a software for simulate real conditions ?
> Besides, the tool will need some additional features in simulation
> like the set of communities, local preference, med and other BGP attributes.
> What do you recommend for this tasks ?
> Thanks a lot,
> Giuliano


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