BGP Tool for Simulation

GIULIANOCM (UOL) giulianocm at
Mon Jun 28 01:32:27 UTC 2010


I am looking for a tool (free or not) to simulate BGP full internet 
route table peering and injection using real CISCO and JUNIPER routers.

We have found some power tools like Spirent or Agilent but they are a 
too expensive to acquire for now.

The main idea is to have a software tool for unix or linux system, that 
supports to simulate a cloud a carrier or an ISP, to work with real 
routers, establishing connection using BGP protocol and injecting on 
this real routers the full internet routing table - ipv4 or ipv6.

Do you know some collection of tools (software tools) that we can use to 
do this kind of work ?

It is possible to collect full internet routing table and inject it to a 
real router using a software for simulate real conditions ?

Besides, the tool will need some additional features in simulation like 
the set of communities, local preference, med and other BGP attributes.

What do you recommend for this tasks ?

Thanks a lot,


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