ATT BGP - Advertising my network on accident

Eric Williams ewilliams at
Fri Jun 25 13:56:16 UTC 2010

This issue has been resolved by breaking up the /22 into /24's.  Thanks to 
all for the advise.

Maybe next time I will take someone's advise and advertise one of ATT's 

Eric Williams/Connectria
nanog at
06/24/2010 02:37 PM
ATT BGP - Advertising my network on accident

AT&T is currently advertising my address space to the internet 
accidentally via BGP which they should not be.  Since they are advertising 
my address space on accident, we are dead in the water.  Does anybody out 
there work for ATT or know of the number I can call in order to have them 
stop advertising my /22 ASAP!!!!

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