Recommendation in Australia for ISPs to force user security?

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Tue Jun 22 22:45:30 UTC 2010

On 23/06/2010, at 4:00 AM, Gadi Evron wrote:

> "A government report into cybercrime has recommended that internet 
> service providers (ISPs) force customers to use antivirus and firewall 
> software or risk being disconnected.
> security

Observation: The more someone uses the prefix "cyber", the less they
know what they're talking about.

(glares meaningfully at a coterie of cyberterrorism consultants)

Belinda Neal's committee is in the process of being pilloried by just 
about everyone who knows how to spell TCP/IP.  The whole thing is a 
complete embarrassment:  Last year we were all confronted with the spectacle
of her ridiculous clutch of MPs wasting the time of the security experts
invited to testify by quizzing them about movie plot threats.  Now we
get a proposal to move "cybersecurity" regulation to ACMA, the same
Government body which licenses spectrum; and controlfreaky suggestions 
about mandatory industry codes imposed on ISPs.

It's rampant screaming idiocy, the Dunning-Krueger effect in full motion.
I'd suggest that almost none of it will go anywhere at all, if not for 
the fact that Belinda Neal's entire political party seems to share her
mastery of of the issue.

ObNOG: Botnets are bad, n'kay?

  - mark

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