List of a useful tools for network architects

Garret Picchioni garret at
Mon Jun 21 21:51:21 UTC 2010

My biggest tool is a couple extra sets of eyes.  A fresh look from the 
outside by someone else is going to be the biggest help.  Pen and Paper 
(or Visio w/ Icons

I personally like using network simulators to try out different ideas. 
I'm a fan of packet tracer for those who have been through the Cisco 
Academy.  The config options aren't *too* extensive, but the basics are 
there to help with a few sanity checks.


On 6/21/2010 2:20 PM, Pavel Dimow wrote:
> And how do you feel when client tell you that you don't have a
> connection from SW-476 to SW-145?
> "Well you see, there are plenty of boxes out there (couple hundreds)
> you don't expect that everything must be perfect right? Anyhow I was
> very tired that day...."
> The point is, I am not looking for a program that will design the
> network instead of me, just a little sanity check.
> I agree that head, whiteboard, marker, sharp pencil :) are very
> valuable but those were on my list anyway :)
> On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 10:18 PM, Jens Link<lists at>  wrote:
>> Pavel Dimow<paveldimow at>  writes:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am wondering what tools you consider most valuable when designing big
>>> network from scratch or perform a migration?
>> White board and a digital camera to document the drawings. Pen and paper
>> are also a very important tool.
>>> For example I would like to know is there a tool that will perform
>>> basic sanity checks like network equipment without redundant link or
>>> without link at all...
>> Well there is my head and a couple of years experience. ;-)
>>> I know that the one who design a network have to consider all this
>>> issues but some automatic check will save some time for sure...
>> Discuss your design with others. There is always more than one way to
>> design a network.
>> Jens
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