Micro-allocation needed?

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at develooper.com
Mon Jun 21 21:42:29 UTC 2010

On Jun 21, 2010, at 23:34, William Pitcock wrote:

> On Mon, 2010-06-21 at 23:32 +0200, Ask Bjørn Hansen wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> We're going to anycast a /24 for some DNS servers (and possibly another UDP based service)[1].
>> I see that ARIN are listing on https://www.arin.net/knowledge/ip_blocks.html the smallest allocations from each prefix.   Will we have trouble getting a /24 announced if we take it from a regular /20?
> No, you can split up allocations as you want, provided you can prove you
> own them.
> Some providers however, won't announce anything smaller than a /24.

I guess to rephrase my question:

Are there (a significant number of) providers that will filter a /24 announcement from an ARIN prefix not in the list of prefixes where they allocate /24 blocks.

(I take it from what you wrote that the answer is "No").

 - ask

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