Internet Kill Switch.

Zaid Ali zaid at
Fri Jun 18 22:41:10 UTC 2010

On 6/18/10 2:21 PM, "Matthew Petach" <mpetach at> wrote:
> He also seemed to miss one of the really, REALLY important points;
> if "Internet is for everyone" were really true, then IPv6 adoption should
> have been one of his driving points.  After all with a world population of
> 7 billion, you certainly can't have "Internet [...] for everyone" with only
> 4 billion IP addresses, unless you put a *lot* of NAT in place.

I read "Internet is for everyone" a bit beyond IP address. When I worked in
the south pacific (1996-1998) we had challenges bringing Internet to
residences because Internet was considered "for the wealthy". It took my
colleagues and I a long time to break down this barrier. I have seen
language barriers as another reason why Internet is not adopted in many
places and thanks to IDN we can see this adoption increase.

Although Vint doesn't call out IPv6 in this RFC he does talk about
supporting work in the IETF, IAB etc and IPv6 work has come out of such
dedication by many folks on this list. There are other challenges yet to
tackle when it comes to making the Internet available to everyone e.g.
Privacy. There are still folks who don't "trust" the internet so will not
use it, for them we need to build a trustworthy internet.

I do agree with your point that IPv6 is important and more important
considering the Internet's explosive growth.


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