Experience with the Dell PowerConnect 8024F - compare to the

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Fri Jun 18 21:32:33 UTC 2010

On 6/18/2010 13:55, Joe Greco wrote:
>> Dell switches are usually Foundry gear relabeled, so it should be ok.
>> We are using Dell switches alongside actual Foundry gear in a cloud
>> environment and have had no problems.
> Maybe I haven't looked recently enough, but that wasn't quite the way
> it worked last time I checked.
> For example, Accton manufactured the ES4624.  Dell sold this as the
> PowerConnect 5224, SMC sold this as the 8624T, Foundry sold this as
> the EdgeIron 24G, 3Com sold this as the 3824, etc.
> I've picked that older example simply due to the sheer number of
> manufacturers doing this that I had correlated at one point, but it
> was clearly NOT a Foundry switch that got rebadged as the 5224.
> If this has changed, it suggests good things about Dell's switches,
> but my last serious look at Dell was where I was rapidly told a bunch
> of conflicting information about the 6224, only the worst of which
> turned out to be true (only supports a handful of IPv6 routes).

There's also another factor: you may not have any idea whose rebranded
switch you're getting when you buy a Dell switch. Maybe it's Foundry in
batch X, but it might not be in batch Y.


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