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Todd Underwood toddunder at
Thu Jun 17 20:44:41 UTC 2010

christopher, all,

> ...nothing to see here, this is CGN's...

oh, i think this has several important advantages aver carrier-grade
nat (which i believe to be mostly dead, anyway, no?  someone who knows
more can chime in with references to the contrary should this not be
the case).

firstly:  cgn puts reachability in the hands of a single organization.
 with the PAP System you have a set of distributed choices about
reachability:  different people can assess their different tolerance
to certain kinds of unreachability.

as i said in the presentation, the probability that there will be
positive operational overhead for a prefix is related the the count of
reuse within an association domain for a prefix ( p(Oop) = Cr(Ap) ).
We need to work out how to subdivide which parts of the internet
actually want to communicate directly with each other reliably and
make sure that they are within association domains.

in any case, i think this is more the subject of future work (and
possibly future nanog presentations) so i'll leave this here.


(and stop trolling)

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