Advice regarding Cisco/Juniper/HP

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I would also add Brocade/Foundry to the mix as well.  We've been deploying these switches with great results.  Since the IOS is very similar to Cisco's, the transition has been quite easy.

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Not to stir the pot, but Extreme is making some good products at a low cost and have lifetime warranties. I've been using them lately in the end-user edge as lower cost POE termination. They do LLDP-MED flawlessly so Cisco, or other phones get their voice vlan and pass the data vlan. Now, they are missing some of the prime-time features found in J and C which is why I wouldn't recommend them in the agg or core.


On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 9:37 AM, Tom <bifrost at> wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jun 2010, James Smith wrote:
>> So my questions to the NANOG community are: Would you recommend HP 
>> over Cisco or Juniper?
> Pretty much never, unless you're talking about a rebadged Brocade product.
> Every time I've seen HP networking gear in production, its usually 
> before it gets replaced with something else. The last install I dealt 
> with was having so many problems it had a constant %10 packetloss on a simple flat network.
>> How is HP's functionality and performance compared to Cisco or Juniper?
> Typically poor, but this varies widely with the series of HP gear.
> The software updates available also vary widely in quality, and I have 
> rarely gotten a good answer from HP support on anything.
>> Does anyone have any HP networking experiences they can share, good 
>> or bad?
> To end on a positive note, HP does have a good warranty, is typically 
> fairly low cost and provides free software updates.
> -Tom

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