AT&T's blue network SMS<->SMTP off the air

Aaron C. de Bruyn aaron at
Thu Jun 17 15:24:45 UTC 2010

On 2010-06-16 at 23:26:30 -0700, John Todd wrote:
> To those of you who may rely upon AT&T to deliver your email-to-SMS
> messages for monitoring: some of you may be currently out of luck.

Who uses email-to-SMS to monitor critical infrastructure?
IMO, it's bad practice for your notification path to use the very
path you are monitoring for problems--plus there really isn't an
acknowledgement of delivery with email-to-SMS.

I get more reliability out of an alpha-numeric pager and snppsend then I
get with email-to-SMS--plus when SNPP fails, I can easily detect the failure
(try figuring that out with email-to-SMS) and have Icinga pick up a
physically attached modem and dial.


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