BGP Multihoming Partial vs. Full Routes

James Smallacombe up at
Mon Jun 14 18:30:17 UTC 2010

I know this topic must have been covered before, but I can find no search 
tool for the NANOG archives.  I did google and reference Halabi's book as 
well as Avi's howto, but I still don't feel I fully understand the pros 
and cons of Full vs. Partial routes in a dual/multihomed network.

Cisco's position these days seems to be "you don't need to carry full 
views unless you like tinkering with optimizig paths and such."

Tinkering isn't the issue.  Full reachability to servers on this network 
from EVERYone, including both upstreams' customers, regardless of the 
status of each upstream connection is.  Ditto in the event that one 
upstream has some kind of core or regional router meltdown, which I've 
seen more than once.  I see conflicting advice as to whether partial 
routes will suffice for this.

Helpful links and/or synopsese appreciated.

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