On the control of the Internet.

Larry Sheldon LarrySheldon at cox.net
Sun Jun 13 20:21:51 UTC 2010

As so often happens, I forgot to note what my client picked up for a
return address.  This is the first of several items that I meant to send
to the list.

My apologies to Mr Greco.

On 6/13/2010 14:17, Larry Sheldon wrote:
> On 6/13/2010 14:07, Joe Greco wrote:
>>> On 6/13/2010 08:47, Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:
>>>> On Sun, 13 Jun 2010 00:21:49 CDT, Larry Sheldon said:
>>>>> For example--what happens when name-service information for a part that
>>>>> is not shutdown comes from a part that is?
>>>> It's always been a BCP good idea to have your DNS have secondaries in another
>>>> non-fate-sharing AS, even though everybody from Microsoft on down seems
>>>> to feel the need to rediscover this.
>>> How about if the source database (not the relevant zone file, but the
>>> collection of data on some computer from which a zone file is created.
>> How about [...] is /what/?  Unavailable?  The zone files are still in
>> place.  Not really a problem in the overall scheme of things; I realize
>> that some people have engineered things so that this will be a problem,
>> but that's a choice.
> Yeah, it is a choice to keep the source data in a database (think DHCP
> What happens if that source data can no longer be transferred to the
> master zone file located on the DNS server placed somewhere else WHERE
> IT MAKES OPERATIONAL SENSE TO SO, and the network is severed between them?
>>> How about the case where the master zone file has be amputated and the
>>> secondaries can no longer get updates?
>> I'm not sure what "amputated" means here, but considering the case where
>> the master itself is amputated, and the secondaries can no longer update,
>> generally speaking, you log into the secondaries and twiddle their configs
>> to make them masters.  This requires some planning, preparedness, and
>> procedures, but is in no way a crisis, unless you've failed to do the
>> planning, have failed to prepare, and haven't followed your procedures.
> Amputated = severed = cut off = disconnected = no longer able to
> communicate with not to be communicated with.
> Did not see that that was going to be so hard to understand.
> Should have known better, I guess.
>> How that works in the case where a government mandates something specific
>> happens within your zone file is of course debatable, but possibly more
>> back towards the original topic.
> Uhhhhh....actually that WAS the original topic.

Somebody should have said:
A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

Freedom under a constitutional republic is a well armed lamb contesting
the vote.

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