Now Available: Whois-RWS Differences Documentation

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FYI - this was posted a few minutes ago on arin-announce and may be
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ARIN is deploying an improved Whois service called Whois-RWS on 26 June 
2010. When using the Whois-RWS you will notice some differences in 
behavior for certain queries and corresponding result sets on the 
NICNAME/WHOIS port 43 service. Detailed documentation on these 
differences is now available at:

ARIN's Directory Service for registration data has used the 
NICNAME/WHOIS protocol since its inception. The limitations of the 
NICNAME/WHOIS protocol are well known and documented in RFC3912.
Whois-RWS was created as an alternative to the ARIN Whois and will 
provide much richer functionality and capability to the community.

A demo of this service has been available since October 2009. The 
demonstration service is available at:

ARIN continues to welcome community participation on the Whois-RWS 
mailing list, and we invite you to subscribe and share your thoughts and 
suggestions at:

More detailed information on these changes and other future features 
that may impact the community at ARIN is available at:


Mark Kosters
Chief Technical Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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