Nato warns of strike against cyber attackers

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed Jun 9 16:01:18 UTC 2010

>> What I don't want to see which you are advocating... I don't want to see
>> the end users who do take responsibility, drive well designed vehicles
>> with proper seat belts and safety equipment, stay in their lane, and
>> do not cause accidents held liable for the actions of others. Why should
>> we penalize those that have done no wrong simply because they happen
>> to be a minority?
> I agree, on the other hand, what about those people who genuinely didn't
> do anything wrong, and their computer still got Pwned?

At the very least, if you connected a system to the network and it got Pwned,
you were negligent in your behavior, if not malicious. Negligence is still
wrong, even if not malice.


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