Nato warns of strike against cyber attackers

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Wed Jun 9 15:26:13 UTC 2010

On 6/9/10 6:27 AM, Jorge Amodio wrote:
> Going back then to a previous question, do we want more/any regulation ?

Laws and regulation exist because people can't behave civilly and be 
expected to respect the rights/boundries/property others.

CAN-SPAM exists because the e-mail marketing business refused to self 
regulate and respect the wishes of consumers/administrators

FDCPA exists because the debt collectors couldn't resist the temptation 
to harass and intimidate consumers, and behave ethically.

It's just a matter of time, and really unavoidable.  The thing is, these 
industries have no one to blame but themselves.  In all cases, these 
laws/regulation only came into affect AFTER situations got out of control.

Lately, the courts have been ruling that companies like LimeWire are 
responsible for their products being used for piracy/downloading because 
they knew what was going on, but were turning a blind eye.

Why not apply the same standards to ISPs?  If it can be shown that you 
had knowledge of specific abuse coming from your network, but for 
whatever reason, opted to ignore it and turn a blind eye, then you are 

When I see abuse from my network or am made aware of it, I isolate and 
drop on my edge the IPs in question, then investigate and respond.  Most 
times, it takes me maybe 10-15 minutes to track down the user 
responsible, shut off their server or host, then terminate their stupid 

A little bit of effort goes a long way.  But, if you refuse to put in 
the effort (I'm looking at you, GoDaddy Abuse Desk), then of course the 
problems won't go away.

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