Nato warns of strike against cyber attackers

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Wed Jun 9 13:21:21 UTC 2010

> On Jun 9, 2010, at 4:27 AM, Joe Greco wrote:
> >> I'm all for that, but, point is that people who fail to meet that standard are
> >> currently getting a free ride. IMHO, they should pay and they should have
> >> the recourse of being (at least partially) reimbursed by their at-fault software
> >> vendors for contributory negligence.
> > 
> > Great idea.  You know, I've got a great solution for global warming.
> > Let's hold all the car owners accountable for all the greenhouse gases
> > their cars belch out, and let them have the recourse of being (at least
> > partially) reimbursed by their at-fault car manufacturers and gasoline
> > distributors for contributory negligence.
> > 
> 1.	My car emits very little greenhouse gas, so, I'm cool with that.  Sounds
> 	great to me. (I drive a Prius).

Your car emits lots of greenhouse gases.  Just because it's /less/ doesn't
change the fact that the Prius has an ICE.  We have a Prius and a HiHy too.

> 2.	Manufacturers are held liable for contributory negligence when the
> 	design of their vehicle is unsafe and causes an accident.

That isn't relevant to what I suggested.

> 3.	We're not talking about greenhouse gasses here... We're talking
> 	about car-wrecks on the information superhighway caused by
> 	a combination of irresponsible operators and poor vehicle design.

That wasn't the analogy I was making.  I was stabbing at the whole idea
behind your suggestion, by directly translating it to a real-world example.

> > See how insane that sounds?
> > 
> Actually, it sounds reasonably sane to me, but, it's not a good analogy
> as noted above, so, the relative merits are mostly irrelevant.
> Owen

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