Nato warns of strike against cyber attackers

Dave Rand dlr at
Wed Jun 9 02:45:53 UTC 2010

[In the message entitled "Re: Nato warns of strike against cyber attackers" on Jun  8, 13:33, Owen DeLong writes:]
> I realize your fond of punishing all of us to subsidize the ignorant, =
> but I would rather see those with compromised machines pay the bill for =
> letting their machines get compromised than have to subsidize their =
> ignorant or worse behavior.

I'm fond of getting the issues addressed by getting the ISPs to be involved
with the problem.   If that means users get charged "clean up" fees instead
of a "security" fee, that's fine.

ISPs remain in the unique position of being able to identify the customer,
the machine, and to verify the traffic.  It can be done.


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