BGP convergence problem

Niels Bakker niels=nanog at
Wed Jun 9 02:09:42 UTC 2010

* globichen at (Andy B.) [Tue 08 Jun 2010, 16:28 CEST]:
> I finally decided to shut down all peerings and brought them back 
> one by one.

Sadly that's often the way it has to be done, modulo mild tweaks.

> Everything is stable again, but I don't like the way I had to deal 
> with it since it will most likely happen again when DECIX or an 
> other IX we're at is having issues.

As others have said upthread in more polite wordings, get a better 
router if yours can't handle the load.  (Or use the route servers more 
- it's what they're there for.)

> I've seen a few BGP convergence discussions on NANOG, but none about 
> deadlock situations and what could be done to avoid them. Setting 
> higher MTU or bigger hold queues did not help.

I hope you didn't change the MTU to anything different from what 
everybody else on the DE-CIX Peering LAN uses - that only leads to 

	-- Niels.

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