Nato warns of strike against cyber attackers

joel jaeggli joelja at
Tue Jun 8 21:14:25 UTC 2010

On 2010-06-08 13:03, J. Oquendo wrote:
> Jorge Amodio wrote:
> All humor aside, I'm curious to know what can anyone truly do at the end
> of the day if say a botnet was used to instigate a situation. Surely
> someone would have to say something to the tune of "better now than
> never" to implement BCP filtering on a large scale. Knobs, Levers, Dials
> and Switches: Now and Then (please sir, may I have some more ?) is 7
> years old yet I wonder in practice, how many networks have 38/84
> filtering. I'm wondering why it hasn't been implemented off the shelf in
> some of the newer equipment. This is not to say "huge backbones" should
> have it, but think about it, if smaller networks implemented it from the
> rip, the overheard wouldn't hurt that many of the bigger guys. On the
> contrary, my theory is it would save them headaches in the long run...
> Guess that's a pragmatic approach. Better that than an immediate
> pessimistic one.

The bots don't need to spoof source addresses... and therefore the 
filtering associated with preventing that while a solid belt and 
suspenders exercise is by no means a panacea.

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