Strange practices?

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We are obviously interpreting this in different slants.
Definition of Transit service:  for example, AS200 is said to receive transit service from, let's say AS3356, if through this connection, AS200 receives connectivity to the entire Internet and not only AS3356 and its customers.

Yes I understand the customer is using static, however, some providers use BGP, and they use BGP to peer with other ISPs, that's it.

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> "So if the enterprise loses connectivity to one of these two providers, does the provider without working connectivity to the enterprise have mechanism in place to cease originating the address space?"
> Yes, BGP updates.

...again, I'm confused.

BGP updates from where to where? From how I understand the OP's original
question, there is no BGP.

Hence, if one of the providers is statically routing the prefix to an
interface or un-numbered as opposed to an IP address, then blackholing
can occur if IP reachability is broken, but the link-layer is not. Is
this not correct?


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