Strange practices?

Steve Bertrand steve at
Mon Jun 7 22:34:50 UTC 2010

On 2010.06.07 18:10, Murphy, Jay, DOH wrote:
> Yes, the customer has an AS number, it's just from the private AS number block, e.g. AS 65000..when the block is routed to the AS running BGP, it is tagged with that ISP's public AS number, and announced to the world in this manner. 

...but the OP stated that he doesn't do any BGP with either upstream,
and instead relies on the upstreams to statically route the block to
him. I was getting at the usage of private-AS in my last post. Perhaps
I'm mis-understanding something.

> Clarify, "transiting"?

The OP has two 'transit' providers, neither of which he has a BGP
session established. Both of his upstream ISPs provide transit for him
to the wider Internet.

> Do you mean one ISP acts as a transit routing domain for another, or for traffic that "traverses" this particular ISP, which one?

Traverses. ie. my upstream providers provide 'transit' services for
networks that I advertise to them, however, I don't allow any of my
peers to 'transit' my network.


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