E1200i vs EX8200 in Large Deployment

Tom bifrost at minions.com
Fri Jun 4 00:28:10 UTC 2010

On Thu, 3 Jun 2010, Adam LaFountain wrote:
> If anyone out there has any pro/con experience with the Force10 E1200i or
> S50 in a large environment I'd really appreciate your thoughts.

Those are totally different animals, they don't even run the same code :) 
E1200 is a large chassis switch, S50N/V are 1U stackables. One can 
actually do (tables/mpls) IP routing, one can't; Basically one is decent 
for core, one for server agg.

> I'm comparing them against the Juniper EX8200 and EX4200 respectively 
> and curious about hardware/software stability on both brands.

It really depends on what you're looking for... The EX series is a great 
L2/L3 switch, but likely you'd end up wanting MX in core if you're going 
the Juniper direction. IMHO Juniper is faster and more responsive in
releasing updates if that matters.

I've seen Juniper eat F10's lunch more than once recently, so you should 
probably figure out what you want first before you get in too deep :)


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