Software router

Andrey Khomyakov khomyakov.andrey at
Tue Jun 1 20:50:54 UTC 2010

Good times!

We are starting to play around with VMware SRM and they "virtual" subnets
that supposedly have to be able migrate from site to site in case of a
failure of the local hardware (or software).
Seems like to do that I'd have to run a software router on a VM that would
redistribute the "virtual" subnet into the physical routing domain.
does any one have any suggestions for a software router?

I'm running EIGRP on the net, so I guess nothing will speak that, so I'd
have to redistribute OSPF. Any OSPF software router software suggestion
would be much appreciated.

Or if anyone had implemented "floating" subnets, any other suggestions or
what to look out for would be also much appreciated.

Thank all in advance,

Andrey Khomyakov
[khomyakov.andrey at]

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