Monitoring tools for IPv6 tools

Patrick Darden darden at
Fri Jul 30 07:21:28 CDT 2010

I think he was looking for something more in the nature of network 
monitoring/analysis systems that support IPv6, like NTOP.

ntop has been ported to ipv6--although I am unsure of the results.
cold is a snffer/analyzer with ipv6 support.
wireshark is a fantastic sniffer/analyzer, and it supports ipv6.
snoop comes with Solaris 10, and it supports ipv6.
tracepath6 and traceroute6 come with the iptraf package for linux.
ethereal has a non-commercial version.
iperf lets you simply monitor ipv6 tcp/udp performance.
mtr uses traceroute and ping,
nagios is a host/server/service monitoring tool.
weathermap creates a visual network diagram showing health.

Is this what you wanted?

On 07/30/2010 05:45 AM, Vesna Manojlovic wrote:
> Hi,
>> I am looking for monitoring tools that already have support to IPv6. I
>> am looking for both freeware and commercial tools.
>> Please, do you know what network management system are already
>> supporting IPv6 ?
> we keep the list in the "LIR Handbook" (page #64)
> here is a list of some of the "free" (and/or open source) tools:
> # IPAT (IP Allocation Tool)
> # NetDot
> # HaCi
> # FreeIPdb
> # Infoblox IPAM Freeware 
> Following tools do not support IPv6 yet, but is in the list of planned 
> features:
> IPplan
> TIPP &
> ONA (OpenNetAdmin)
> Commercial IP Address Management (IPAM) Tools with IPv6 support
> In alphabetic order:
> Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Management Software & Appliance
> Bluecat Networks / Proteus Enterprise IPAM Appliance
> BT Diamond IP - IPControl(TM) Sapphyre Appliances
> BT Diamond – IPControl(TM) Software
> Crypton UK - EasyIP(TM)
> Incognito / Address Commander(TM)
> Infoblox IPAM Express™ Solution
> Internet Associates IPal
> Men & Mice Suite: IPAM management module
> Nixu NameSurfer Suite
> Other related commercial products that also support IPv6:
> EMC Ionix IPv6 Availability Manager
> NetCracker (Operational Support Systems or OSS) tool
> OPNET IT Guru (R) Network Planner
> These lists are for information purposes only and are not necessarily 
> complete. RIPE NCC does not recommend any of them.
> There will be an article on RIPE Labs soon covering this in more 
> detail...
> Regards,
> Vesna Manojlovic
> RIPE NCC Trainer

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