Addressing plan exercise for our IPv6 course

Karl Auer kauer at
Sun Jul 25 17:58:26 CDT 2010

On Sun, 2010-07-25 at 16:19 +0000, Nathan Eisenberg wrote:
> > If an expert stood up in court and said "the chances that this
> > fingerprint is the defendant's are a million to one", and the
> > prosecutor then said "Aha! So you admit it's *possible*!" we would
> > rightly scorn the prosecutor for being an innumerate nincompoop. Yet
> > here we are paying serious heed to the idea that a ULA prefix conflict
> > is a real business risk.
> Yes, but if this prosecutor does this a million times, he's bound to
> be right at least once.

Hm. Would you hire a prosecutor who was, on average, right once in a
million times?

> Yes, a good businessperson takes risks.  They also do everything
> possible to mitigate those risks, such as background checks on
> employees, lightning rods and grounding systems and insurance on the
> electronics in the building, buy generators and fuel contracts or
> source an emergency workplace.  Yes, a crazy employee may get through
> a background check, but if the question is the presence of an attempt
> and prevention, then what is the risk mitigation for ULA?

Choose a random ULA prefix. Done.

Regards, K.

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