Appliance Vs Software based routers

todd glassey tglassey at
Sun Jul 25 11:24:30 CDT 2010

 On 7/25/2010 9:07 AM, Nathan Eisenberg wrote:
>> I'm wondering why the software based router is not preferable in
>> business even if they have high featured Processers, and high capcity
>> of memory.
> It may be helpful before proceeding if you provide some examples of each, so we can understand your definition of a 'appliance' vs 'software router'.
> Best Regards,
> Nathan Eisenberg
They are all software based routers... It really shouldn't matter
whether an Appliance Application (i.e. some routing program is running
on a minimal runtime environment ) or a routing program is running as
part of an OS or as an Application on an OS. It is all Software until it
becomes silicon. 

The only issue is how far off the metal you are and its not hardware
based routing really until there is no OS, no development environment,
no software involved right?


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