Addressing plan exercise for our IPv6 course

David Conrad drc at
Sun Jul 25 02:01:33 CDT 2010

On Jul 25, 2010, at 8:42 AM, Jack Bates wrote:

> Doug Barton wrote:
>> having none of that. (For bonus points, explain how the RIRs continue to exist if everyone can have all of the guaranteed-globally-unique IPv6 space they wanted for free.)
> whois.

> what did I win? IANA can handle very basic assignments, but hasn't the staff for large support or extra services (whois, POC management/validity, routing registry).

With the exception of a routing registry (which I wasn't aware was an address allocation requirement), these services are provided by ICANN as part of the IANA functions contract.  Out of curiosity, why do you think providing whois, POC management/validity, and even a routing registry requires a large staff?

> I think IANA would be perfect for ULA identifier assignments. No whois/poc/routing registry needed. Send email, get an identifier in a week or 2.

As you note, ICANN already provides something like this as part of the protocol parameter function of the IANA functions contract for private enterprise numbers (OIDs).

> This is my concern. A business would rather be assured uniqueness over gambling, no matter what the odds.

I remember arguments like that about why Token Ring was going to win over Ethernet :-)

> Given no additional services are needed, the administration cost is the same as handing out snmp enterprise oids. The fact that the community isn't offering such due to politics is disheartening and just plain sad.

Indeed.  I have stories... 

(who no longer works for ICANN)

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