North Korea conflict with US and South Korea could spark cyber war

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Looks like a stunt to drive traffic to his blog unless he actually has something to back this up. 

Mr. Wallace: I think I speak for a majority of the members on this list when I say that we are busy enough dealing with real business. Please do not sacrifice the professionalism of this list for baseless predictions or PR.

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Maybe we should check Haha.

Excuse the spelling/punctuation, this is sent from my mobile device...

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> On Sat, 24 Jul 2010 14:22:56 -0700 (PDT), "andrew.wallace"
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>> n3td3v Security is monitoring the situation between North Korea, US  
>> and
>> South
>> Korea.
>> North Korea has already threatened to use its nuclear arms when the
>> "wargames"
>> begin Sunday by United States and South Korea, but n3td3v Security
>> predicts
>> North Korea is planning a large scale cyber attack on US interests.
>> We could really see the first cyber war proper here when it all kicks
> off
>> Sunday
>> between US, S.Korea and the North.
>> n3td3v Security is warning critical infrastructure utility  
>> companies to
>> keep an
>> eye on its cyber assets incase NK's cyber command launch any attack.
>> Andrew Wallace
> Can you provide information to back this up?  At first glance glance  
> I am
> having a hard time believing this is anything but speculation, but  
> would be
> interested to hear more.

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