v6 bgp peer costs?

Elmar K. Bins elmi at 4ever.de
Thu Jul 22 03:03:40 CDT 2010

mleber at he.net (Mike Leber) wrote:

> You can get a free IPv6 BGP tunnel from Hurricane Electric at 
> http://tunnelbroker.net
> We have tunnel servers spread through out the world, so typically the 
> nearest server has reasonably low latency from your location.
> Of course our main business is selling wholesale native IPv6 and IPv4 
> transit, however you don't have to be a paying customer to use our free 
> service.

> On 7/21/10 12:08 PM, Zaid Ali wrote:
>> I currently have a v4 BGP session with AS 701 and recently requested a v6
>> BGP session to which I was told a tunnel session will be provided (Same
>> circuit would be better but whatever!). Towards the final stage in
>> discussions I was told that it will cost $1500. I find this quite 

Mike, Mike,

I still wonder how you are able to sell the stuff that you are *also*
giving away for free (minus the physical port) and that admittedly works
like a charm...


PS: Keep up the good tunne^Wwork!
PPS: Any plans on having something inside mainland China?

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