Addressing plan exercise for our IPv6 course

Antonio M. Moreiras moreiras at
Wed Jul 21 22:34:19 CDT 2010

 I think it is a very well planned exercise. I would suggest you not to
be straight in its execution. In some point, you could ask if the
decisions would be the same in cases with different conditions: more
pops, more users, less users, etc...

We have a similar exercise in our training at and we use this
diagram to help the trainees understand the addresses:
Maybe it could be useful.


Em 22/07/10 00:19, Mark Smith escreveu:
>> I'm curious to hear if you think it's clear and useful.
>> Cheers,
>> Alex Band
>> RIPE NCC Trainer
>> (Big props go to Marco Hogewoning @XS4ALL)

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