v6 bgp peer costs?

Zaid Ali zaid at zaidali.com
Wed Jul 21 14:55:19 CDT 2010

On 7/21/10 12:22 PM, "Marco Hogewoning" <marcoh at marcoh.net> wrote:

> On 21 jul 2010, at 21:08, Zaid Ali wrote:
>> I currently have a v4 BGP session with AS 701 and recently requested a v6
>> BGP session to which I was told a tunnel session will be provided (Same
>> circuit would be better but whatever!). Towards the final stage in
>> discussions I was told that it will cost $1500. I find this quite ridiculous
>> and it will certainly not motivate people to move to v6 if providers put a
>> direct price tag on it. I am going through a bandwidth reseller though so I
>> am not sure who is trying to jack me here. Has anyone here gone through a
>> similar experience?
> I think the main question here would be, what they would charge for a change
> to a v4 session. Most likely they just decided that setting up the tunnel and
> configuring BGP takes time and since time is money they decided to charge for
> you. Seems like a reasonabe rule of business, why should it be free ? At the
> same time, the same set of economics will probably find you somebody who will
> do this for less and maybe even is happy to take your business and setup v4/v6
> dual stack for free.
> So get a quote from a competitor, call back 701 and offer them the choice of
> setting up the tunnel or loose a customer. My personal preference would be to
> leave and find somebody who can do native all the way.
> MarcoH

Thanks, I am trying to see if there is a trend or anomalous gouging. From
off-list answers it doesn't seem like a trend among other vendors. My worry
about high costs is when you have several circuits this will add up and
going to a CFO to justify will be pretty hard. A CFO will generally say lets
deal with that problem next year when v4 actually runs out. Two years ago I
felt there wasn't enough motivation for folks to move to v6, I don't see
this changing especially when vendors, resellers etc charge more $$ for v6.


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