Route reflector/server appliance for access router aggregation

Eric Morin EricMo at
Tue Jul 13 07:13:52 CDT 2010


I working on a solution to offload my current internet facing, and soon
to be backbone, routers from terminating IBGP sessions from aggregation
network routers. I currently have 4948s (pizza box version of the
cat4500) in place, mostly bridging traffic, but some routing (OSPF,
couple dozen SVIs with HSRP). The 4948s surpasses all solution
requirements (I think) except when it comes to scaling the number of BGP
sessions to 80-100. The obvious solution is to replace with a much
larger platform (ASR1k, etc), which I am consider as an option but
capital is the killer. A more economical idea is to pair the 4948s with
a route reflector or server. I am looking for recommendations on
platforms that I should consider. I have seen the presentation from
NANOG48 on open source route server applications (Thanks!), and I am
considering a home grown solution, but I want to also consider any other
commercial appliances that we can drop in (with some lab work of course)
and buy support services on. I looked at a Vyatta appliance (2500 looks
good, but single power supply is disappointing). At each PoP I would
plan on having two reflectors/servers clustered, each paired with one
4948. I have 7206 NPE-G2s coming out of service in the future that could
perhaps be used, but the timing wont work.


If anyone has a recommendation on a platform, or general criticism of
the idea, please advise. Feedback, positive or negative, is always



Thanks in advance


Eric RR Morin


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