Mikrotik & OC-3 Connection

Butch Evans nanog at butchevans.com
Sat Jul 3 16:07:10 CDT 2010

On Sat, 2010-07-03 at 12:22 -0700, Mike wrote: 
        > Mikrotik is great at lower end stuff where you have ethernet
        > Real POS OC-3 however, ain't in it's repertory and would not
        be what I 
        > would choose to route at those interfaces/speeds.
        While I agree that Mikrotik and OC-3 don't go together, I don't
        know why
        you would suppose that it can't route at that speed.  It's a
        kernel and given the right hardware, can easily handle that much
        > However, if you must 
        > 'connect mikrotik to oc-3', you might as well find yourself a
        > router of some kind with a PA-POS-OC3 card and use it as a
        simple modem. 
        Or ImageStream for about 1/2 (or better) of the price.
        > Of course, for the price, you might as well just let the cisco
        do what 
        > you're planning on doing with the Mikrotik and get orders of
        > of functionality and stability out of it in the process.
        More functionality from a Cisco?  You MUST be joking.  MT (and
        ImageStream for that matter) can do WAY more than Cisco for a
        of the price.  Both will offer a much better firewall option,
        better QOS capability and is easily as good with dynamic routing
        OSPF, etc.).  What's more, you can have a spare on the shelf and
        not spend as much money as you would for a Cisco device.  
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