Inquiries to Acquire IPs

Mans Nilsson mansaxel at
Sat Jul 3 15:42:55 CDT 2010

Subject: RE: Inquiries to Acquire IPs Date: Fri, Jul 02, 2010 at 04:40:07PM -0500 Quoting Aaron Wendel (aaron at
> I sent an inquiry in to ARIN yesterday for a certain ASN that was available
> and was told that management won't allow them to issue requested numbers. :(

RIPE does, correctly prodded ;-) 

% Information related to 'AS31337'

aut-num:        AS31337
as-name:        ELEET-AS
descr:          ELEET Network
descr:          Location: Sweden

(Story is, IIRC, that adjacent number was assigned initially, but the
confirmation mail was answered with "Can I have 31337 instead?" which 
in turn was granted. )

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