Mikrotik & OC-3 Connection

Mike mike-nanog at tiedyenetworks.com
Sat Jul 3 14:22:11 CDT 2010

Alan Bryant wrote:
> I haven't seen much traffic on this list about Mikrotik or RouterOS,
> but I thought it was worth a shot as a last ditch effort to get this
> going.
> Does anyone know of a solution to connect a POS OC-3 to a router
> running Mikrotik's RouterOS? I have searched google extensively with
> varying phrases and nothing helpful comes out of it.
Mikrotik is great at lower end stuff where you have ethernet interfaces. 
Real POS OC-3 however, ain't in it's repertory and would not be what I 
would choose to route at those interfaces/speeds. However, if you must 
'connect mikrotik to oc-3', you might as well find yourself a cisco 
router of some kind with a PA-POS-OC3 card and use it as a simple modem. 
Of course, for the price, you might as well just let the cisco do what 
you're planning on doing with the Mikrotik and get orders of magnitude 
of functionality and stability out of it in the process.

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