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All -

This program is a nice opportunity for newer entrants to the
Internet community. If you know someone who might benefit,
please pass this along.

Thanks -

- Lucy

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The Internet Society (ISOC) is happy to announce a new programme beginning in 
2010: the ISOC Next Generation Leaders (NGL) programme. The NGL was officially 
launched 6 October 2009 at a youth forum lunch during the ITU Telecom World 
week in Geneva.  The programme is aimed at emerging talents across the globe, 
between the ages of 20 and 40, and is a unique blend of coursework and 
practical experience to help prepare young professionals from around the world 
to become the next generation of Internet technology, policy, and business 

Programme entrants will complete a tailored eLearning course, covering the 
essential topics required for effective interactions and relationships 
within the Internet ecosystem, as well as key concepts and emerging issues 
in Internet governance.  They will be encouraged to apply for the Internet 
Society?s representation programmes, such as ISOC Ambassadorships to the 
Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the World Bank, and OECD, and the ISOC 
Fellowship to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

At the end of the programme, all Next Generation Leaders programme graduates 
will be invited to submit a proposal for a project focused on an Internet 
development issue within their own communities. Of those, three projects will 
be chosen and the respective project leaders will be invited to Geneva for a 
final, one-week course in Internet diplomacy.  The three project leaders will 
be recognized as the Next Generation Leaders programme laureates, rewarded with 
special opportunities to network with some of the Internet?s most respected 
leaders and to participate in special leadership events, and they may be 
encouraged to start new Internet Society Chapters in their communities.

More information on the programme can be found at

You may sign up to receive periodic information on the NGL but visiting the 
programme site and clicking on "Candidates: Register for NGL Information."

We will be sharing application details for the eLearning component through the 
sign up information list in the coming months.

If you have any questions or comments about the Next Generation Leaders 
programme, please contact leaders at

Best wishes,

Connie J Kendig
Sponsored Programs & Grants Manager
Internet Society

<Kendig at>
Tel: (703) 439-2136

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