Using /126 for IPv6 router links

Grzegorz Janoszka Grzegorz at
Wed Jan 27 17:10:17 UTC 2010

On 27-1-2010 2:16, Steve Bertrand wrote:
>   ip address x.x.x.x
>   ipv6 address 2607:F118:x:x::/64 eui-64
>   ipv6 nd suppress-ra
>   ipv6 ospf 1 area
> I've found that this setup, in conjunction with iBGP peering between
> loopback /128's works well.

When OSPFv3 goes down and you are trying to debug, what IPv6 will you 
ping to check if the second side is accessible?

Grzegorz Janoszka

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