DDoS mitigation recommendations

Gerald Wluka gerald at intelliguardit.net
Tue Jan 26 17:56:14 UTC 2010


I am new to this mailing list - this should be a response to an already
started thread that I cannot see:


IntelliguardIT has a new class of network appliance that installs inline
(layer 2 appliance). It has no impact on current network capacity and
automatically manages flash crowds gracefully.

To date the company has over-invested in technology and under-invested in
sales and marketing. That is changing now: the company is moving to The Bay


As a testament to this over-investment we have a few customers in Asia who
had CiscoGuard and/or Arbor Network solutions deployed - they were failing!
IntelliGuard's solution solved their DDoS problems.


If you would like to learn more please contact me directly (the
IntelliGuardIT website is quite dated at this stage.







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