Using /126 for IPv6 router links

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Mon Jan 25 19:23:42 UTC 2010

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Our numbering plan is this:

1) Autoconfigured hosts possible? /64
2) Autoconfigured hosts not-possible, we control both sides? /126
3) Autoconfigured hosts not-possible, we DON'T control both sides? /64
4) Loopback? /128

Within our /48 we've carved it into (4) /50s.
* First, Infrastructure. This makes ACLs cake.
** Within this /50 are smaller allocations for /126s and /128s and /64s.
* Second, User Subnets (16k /64s available)
** All non-infrastructure subnets are assigned from this pool.
* Third, Reserved.
* Fourth, Reserved.

We believe this plan gives us the most flexibility in the future. We
made these choices based upon what works the best for us and our tools
and not to conserve addresses. Using a single /64 ACL to permit/deny
traffic to all ptp at the border was extremely attractive, etc.

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