Using /31 for router links

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On 23/01/10 19:52, Michael Sokolov wrote:
> Mark Smith <nanog at> wrote:

> As for ATM...  The part that totally baffles me about the use of ATM on
> xDSL lines is that I have never, ever, ever seen an xDSL line carrying
> more than one ATM VC.  OK, there may be someone out there who has set up
> a configuration like that just for fun, but 99.999% of all ATM'd xDSL
> lines out there carry a single PVC at 0*35 or 0*38.  

It's common practice down here in Italy to have more than one VC.  One
is used to carry data and the other one is used for VoIP, so that you
don't have to do QoS on the data part.

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