Foundry CLI manual?

Mark Smith nanog at
Sat Jan 23 22:42:40 UTC 2010

On Sat, 23 Jan 2010 21:25:28 +0100
Bjørn Mork <bjorn at> wrote:

> Jens Link <lists at> writes:
> > Richard A Steenbergen <ras at> writes:
> >
> >> Ironically enough the manuals themselves are accessable without a login,
> >> but the list of manuals is not. 
> >
> > Outch. Personally I don't like when company's hides documentation or
> > require me to register (or even get a support contract) to read the
> > documentation.
> Cannot agree more.  It's a major drawback even with a support contract.
> I often use Google to search for particular features, bugs, workarounds
> or whatever, limiting the scope to  This naturally
> doesn't work with those who hide their docs.  And the site internal
> search engines are usually a bad joke at best.
> Regarding Foundry, I remember they used to have public docs several
> years ago.  But all of a sudden it was closed. Around 2003 maybe?
> Nowadays, Huawei is on top of my "oh i hate that web site" list. No
> useful public content whatsoever.  Don't understand why they even bother
> putting up a web server.
> I appreciate that there still are serious vendors like Cisco and
> Juniper who don't mind making their docs public. Thanks guys!

Agree. The first thing a vendor can do to have a chance of you buying
their gear is to make it as easy as possible to transition to it, and
that includes becoming familiar with it's CLI, and working out how much
effort you'll need to spend on converting to different syntax. What's
so proprietary about how to configure OSPF that it needs to be kept a

> Bjørn

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