Using /31 for router links

Erik L erik_list at
Sat Jan 23 19:33:12 UTC 2010

> As for ATM...  The part that totally baffles me about the use 
> of ATM on
> xDSL lines is that I have never, ever, ever seen an xDSL line carrying
> more than one ATM VC.  OK, there may be someone out there who 
> has set up
> a configuration like that just for fun, but 99.999% of all ATM'd xDSL
> lines out there carry a single PVC at 0*35 or 0*38.  
Multi-PVC is used (in the context of xSLAM<-->CPE), for example, for delivering IPTV+DSL. 0/35 and 0/38 are just arbitrary numbers, there are plenty of other random ones like 0/33 used by major service providers. Arguably your "99.999%" is way off.

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